Flowers at the edge of the world

A novel about the future of humankind.

the story

What would you do if you were a brilliant scientist with nearly unlimited resources, and you knew that humanity was facing an extinction-level set of events? You'd probably put all your resources into trying to ensure that humans might survive and thrive in Earth’s coming inhospitable new age.Jin Singh does just that. His goal: Actualize a neo sapiens genome that is ecologically resilient, altruistic, and rational to a high degree, so as not to repeat the selfish, irrational path taken by homo sapiens through the previous millennia. On Jin’s team are renowned visionary molecular biologist and wife, Kat Fairchild, their mysterious eight-year-old daughter Daisy, Daisy’s new bodyguard Mira, two extraordinary quantum AIs, a handsome Romanian hacker, and a squad of First Nation scientists and engineers.Silas Hobbes, another brilliant scientist with nearly unlimited resources, has a very different idea about the future of humankind. He is engineering a warrior race, engineered to survive ruthlessly at any moral cost. Hobbes doesn't think there’s room for more than one type of neo sapiens in the new world.Both teams race towards their own solutions, with intrigue and action to spare.Brimming with cool tech, high-minded science, plenty of action, and philosophical depth, Flowers at the Edge of the World is an engaging read and a fast-paced adventure.

advance feedback

Flowers at the Edge of the World is so original in its conception and so strong in its execution that it might well be a game-changer for the genre of speculative fiction. And it’s important to note that it’s not so futuristic as all that; many of its speculations have already come to pass, and may be irreversible — if no one can imagine, and enact, some sort of different way forward.

—Madison Smartt Bell

About k.k. Julien

k.k. Julien is the mind-melding of Kimberly Kafka and Alec Julien

Kimberly Kafka

Kimberly Kafka was raised by two military pilots and a couple of wolves. She published two novels, True North and Miranda’s Vines (Dutton). She lives, writes, edits, and eats very well in Wisconsin thanks to a magnificent family of loving friends. She is not a licensed pilot.

Alec Julien

Alec Julien is an author, educator, graphic designer, typographer, musician, and mathematical antirealist. These days, when he's not composing music, or trying to convince others that numbers aren't real, he's working on a novella about the thin line between realities.

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